Who we've helped

The Appeal helps a wide variety of people at Christmas. Here are some real life examples.

The neglected child

A grandmother is legally responsible for a young child who has been neglected. Her husband is on a zero hours contract and always runs short of work around Christmas. A Jersey Christmas Appeal voucher is her only means of buying her grandson a toy at Christmas.

The single-parent home

Dad has left home, leaving Mum to look after the children. She goes out to work but only just manages to make ends meet. Jersey Christmas Appeal vouchers are a godsend and really brighten up their Christmas.


Many pensioners live alone and struggle to make ends meet. Jersey Christmas Appeal vouchers bring financial relief, and the fact that somebody cares lifts their spirits at Christmas.

Low income homes

"We know many people who need Jersey Christmas Appeal vouchers to be able to buy their Christmas lunch." - Citizens' Advice Bureau 


Every penny goes to the people who need it most this Christmas.

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