How does an Applicant apply for assistance?

The objective of the JCA is to help as many of those and their dependants as possible who need financial assistance at Christmas. Find out how to apply for assistance this Christmas.

How to apply - an overview

How does an Applicant apply for assistance from the Jersey Christmas Appeal (JCA) and what happens thereafter?

There are 5 simple steps to this process:

Step 1 

The Applicant completes an Application for Assistance Form

Step 2

The Applicant has their completed Application for Assistance Form endorsed by an Approved Referring Agency which is then returned to the JCA

Step 3       

The JCA review the form and dependent on the Applicants personal circumstances, number of dependants and ages etc approve the provision of Vouchers. The Voucher types are Grocery, Heating or Young Persons (children aged 14 or below). Where the Applicant is unable to go shopping a doorstep delivered hamper is offered instead

Step 4       

The Vouchers are mailed to the Applicant who may present them at participating Suppliers as a cash substitute

Step 5       

The Suppliers return the cashed Vouchers to the JCA who reimburse the Suppliers to the same value.

How to apply - in detail

The above steps are described in further detail as follows:

Step 1

The Applicant completes the front side of the specially printed Application for Assistance Form. These forms are freely available from a number of Approved Referring Agencies such as Citizens Advice Jersey, Community Savings and the Grace Trust. The Applicant must provide their full details, details of all dependants (if applicable) along with the main reasons as to why they are applying for support at Christmas.

The Agencies will provide the Applicant with assistance completing the form if requested.

A example of the Application Assistance Form can be downloaded here.

Step 2

The Referring Agency checks the front side of the Application for Assistance form has been fully completed. Provided the Agency is reasonably satisfied the Applicant meets the assistance criteria the Agency will countersign and stamp the reverse side of the form. The main criteria used to measure the validity of the application and the approval process is laid out on the reverse side of the form but the main measures are whether the Applicant suffers from:

  • Adverse financial circumstances
  • Particular need due to impairment, disability or handicap
  • Elderly persons living alone and those who find shopping difficult due to disability

The fully completed Application for Assistance Form is then returned to the JCA.

Step 3

The JCA receives the completed Application for Assistance Form and checks all the information has been provided and that the form has been signed and stamped by the Approving Agency. Based on the individual Applicant’s circumstances the JCA will then approve the issue of Vouchers.

There are three main types of Vouchers (all of which are personalised and security numbered):

  • Grocery Voucher (values of £15, £25 or £35)
  • Heating Voucher (voucher value £25)
  • Young Persons Voucher (value £20)

The number and type of Vouchers mailed to each Applicant will be dependent on the Applicants circumstances and number of dependents. Applicants who are unable to go shopping will generally be provided with a doorstep delivered hamper.

Step 4

The Applicant receives the Vouchers by mail and may then use them up to the 28 February of the following year for the purpose identified at any of the participating Suppliers whose details are on the reverse side of the Voucher.

Step 5

The Supplier mails the cashed Vouchers back to the JCA Honorary Treasurer before the 30 April who provides the Supplier with payment to the equivalent value.


Example vouchers


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